TN Tuesday 12.1- Artist Spotlight on ZenKraft

It’s probably no secret that I have my favorite makers here at Foxtail Threads. This is due mostly to good old trial and error of ordering notebooks, but also includes things like “customer service”, exposure, other people’s reviews, and availability. One of my favorite Traveler’s Notebook “brands” is Zenkraft (remember this unboxing?) As I’ve talked about before, Yochanan of ZenKraft is constantly innovating the concept of the TN, and has developed quite the following. In fact, it’s becoming so hard to get a ZenKraft I only have one that I bought second hand at this point! My favorite guest blogger Kate has quite the collection that she has built up over the past year so today I asked her to put together a little video for you guys. I think she does an awesome job highlighting the unique notebook style and a few different gorgeous leathers. Enjoy!

I know he is launching a new site, but for now stop by his Facebook group for more eye candy! 

Do you own a Zenkraft yet :)?


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