What is a traveler’s notebook?

I realized recently that unless you are a part of the traveler’s notebook (TN) community, you might not yet know what a TN Is, why it’s so awesome, and how to use it. So here is a quick intro:

 Me with TN

Traveler’s Notebooks are a super clever concept of purchasing one (or as you become hooked, many) outer “cover” and then filling it with literally anything you may possibly need. Sounds amazing right?

Three TNs


So these are my three current TN’s. The first one (on the left) I use for everything creative: Blog post organization, quilt ideas, sketching, quick notes on DIY ideas. I’m currently finding I also want to include a notebook for book “reviews” and my gratitude journal and have all of this in the same spot. And guess what? I can do that.

HideNSeek 1

Next I have my work TN. This one lives in my office bag. Inside I have my month on two page calendar, my weekly cal, a kraft folder and a catch all notebook.


Finally, I have a pocket size that is my “wallet” Currently it has a notebook for on the go sketches, grocery lists, “remember this idea later’s” etc. I also keep a personal calendar in there for projects. I plan to make a zippy pouch to hold my cards and cash and a folder to hold receipts.


Clearly, you can do anything with a TN. I have three very distinct ones and those are just MY uses. Which is what makes it so awesome. You can keep everything in one place (your calendar with your to-do bullet journal with your class notes). Or you can keep everything separate (your journal and your “watercolors on the go” in one and your planner and grocery list in another). I have never explained TN’s to someone and not watched the “OH! I can do (insert use here)” lightbulb flash.

All TNs

Another wonderful feature is that so many amazing artists make their own versions. I make quilted fabric beauties (here) but I also own a thick felt one (here) and a floppy soft leather one (here). And of course this wouldn’t be a Traveler’s Notebook post without paying homage to the original (here).

So how do these inserts stay inside? Simple: Elastic. Most TN’s come with somewhere between one and three elastics built into the cover.

image1 image2 image3

The felt has one, my standard Foxtail Threads TN’s come with two and the tiny pocket darling has three.

From here, you band notebooks together and slide them in.

image4 image5 image6 image7

That’s it!


Because these pics may not work for everyone, I will do a mini video tutorial this weekend on how to set your TN up. I’ll also include some of my favorite inserts to get you started.

Can’t wait for you to join the TN community!



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