Madison’s Birthday Quilt

Last week was my little sister’s 18th birthday! I knew I wanted to make her something super special, and thought a quilt would be perfect. A few months back when I was talking about quilting with her she mentioned her room was decorated in red and black theme (a very sly hinter).

I ended up shopping for fabric before I even considered what pattern to use. Most of the time I find the fabric inspires me into a quilt, as opposed to a pattern inspiring the fabric. When I found a black and red fabric bundle at Pink Castle Fabrics I was sooo excited. I just had to add in a few prints from my stash and I was set.

Blogger Bundle at Pink Castle Fabrics

I wanted a pattern that really showed off the fabric, and kept seeing this plus sign pattern EVERYWHERE. So I thought it may be a fun one to try. I downloaded this super cute little worksheet from Reanna Lily Designs (here) and loosely followed her instructions. Avo’s favorite part was when I pieced the quilt together on my “idea board” (a bedding sheet thrown on the ground). This was also my least favorite part.

Avo helping me decide the quilt top lay out

This quilt only took me a few hours spread over two weekends. I decided to stitch around the perimeter of each plus sign with a gray threading for quilting, which turned out really gorgeous on both the front and back. For the back and binding I used a simple black solid. I finished this quilt up last minute and wish we had gotten more pictures before gifting it off, but only snapped a quick one in the living room before running off to the party.


I won’t embarrass my little sister by posting pictures of her on the internet, but she was completely surprised. Her face was a mix of stunned and awed, and I was over the moon she loved it so much. It immediately found a place on her bed.

With love, xo LJ

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